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If there had been internet in 1951, this ‘potato’ dress would have broken it…

What’s the first image that comes to mind when you think of Marilyn Monroe? There’s of course the iconic white dress that billows out over a subway grate while she cheekily attempts to hold the fabric down. Or the one where she’s sitting and enveloped by a massive white tulle skirt. Or the one where she’s in the slinky red number with the plunging neckline, her mouth painted the same shade as her dress. Oh yes, and then there’s the iconic… potato sack? The story of how the blonde bombshell ended up in a fitted burlap sack has a couple of different versions, but the most likely/entertaining one is that in 1951, Monroe was attending a party at the Beverly Hills Hotel and was wearing a dress that was on the low-cut side, much to the chagrin of a female newspaper columnist. Apparently, the columnist said that Monroe was “cheap” and “vulgar,” and that she’d be better suited to wearing a potato sack. And she did just that… More

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