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Overview of the European potato market for Week 14

Image result for potato tradeAccording to a Fiwap/PCA market report, the potato market atmosphere remains somewhat gloomy in Belgium despite the weather, which has kept prices steady. There are delays in early plantings in all major production areas in Belgium. German traders continue to deliver potatoes contracted to the Belgian industry last year, caused by the panic of several Belgian processors facing the drought of June 2017. Export’s are difficult, with small volumes to North Africa and the Balkans. There’s tough competition from French exporters with lower prices, and better skin qualities. It is reported from the Netherlands that traders experience good trade to the south of Europe as well as to the Balkans. Producer prices for export are between 4.00 and 6.00 €/a, depending on variety and quality. As of February 1st, 1,939,000 tons remain in stock in France, which is 359,000 tons (or 22.7%) more than on February 1st, 2017. Full report on FreshPlaza

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