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Sensor brings new wavelengths to crop scanning for needs-based nitrogen

Image result for Sensor brings new wavelengths to crop scanning for needs-based nitrogenIt only makes sense to apply fertilizer where it’s needed, and only where it’s needed. For a long time, agricultural machinery and technology companies have focused on achieving this goal, including German company Fritzmeier Umwelttechnik. The company’s technology, called the ISARIA Crop Sensor, uses four different wavelengths delivered with LEDs and up to 2000 measurement values per second to index vegetation. Mounted on the front of a sprayer or a tractor pulling fertilizer application equipment, this optical sensor information is used to assess nitrogen uptake of the crop while driving through the field. As Fritzmeier Umwelttechnik’s Bernhard Limbrunner explains in this video, the vegetation index values are plugged into an algorithm with yield potential maps and historical data to adjust nitrogen application rates in real-time. Most systems use two wavelengths to assess vegetation, instead of ISARIA’s four wavelengths. More

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