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Late planting: ‘Patience now can result in better potato yields,’ experts in Great Britain say

Image result for potato planting wet soilAfter watching it rain for six weeks, as your expected planting dates disappear behind you, it can be tempting to jump on the planter at the first break in the weather. Patience and risk mitigation now, can help prevent poor results come harvest – says AHDB’s Claire Hodge.​ The key message is not to panic, waiting a few days and planting in the right conditions is often better than ‘losing’ a couple of days growing time. In an article published today on the website of AHDB Potatoes, some of the key risks associated with the timing of planting are described, highlighting some resources available to potato growers in Great Britain to help manage these risks. Planting in wet conditions can lead to yield losses larger than that you would experience from delayed planting, Mark Stalham of NIAB CUF says. “Serious yield loss due to late planting only really starts occurring after 7 May in England for a Group 3 determinancy variety. With longer daylight hours in Scotland, this may even be a few days later. The risks are associated with delayed emergence and the crop not reaching full cover by the longest day of the year.” More

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