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On the International Day for Biological Diversity, consider the beauty of the Potato

Today is the United Nation's International Day for Biological Diversity, a day to highlight the importance of the shared global heritage of food crops, the people who grow them, and working together to keep agriculture alive for the generations to come.In an article published today on, Mercedes Aráoz, a Peruvian economist and currently the First Vice-president of the Republic of Peru, writes: “The potato is a gift from Peru to the world, and we will always be its stewards. …On the United Nation’s International Day for Biological Diversity, I have potatoes on my mind. The fantastic variety of colors, shapes, and flavors that can be found among Andean potatoes is as beautiful to me as any other diversity in the plant kingdom. And beyond beauty, this diversity is also crucially important to more than a billion people who rely on potatoes as a major part of their diet. It is also a fundamental resource for farmers, in Peru and so many other countries, who grow potatoes for a living. As an economist, I am concerned when I see such an essential resource being under-valued. Potato breeders need the full diversity of this ancient crop to prepare the potato for a changing climate and shifting disease threats. Too much of that diversity has been lost over time, and more is in danger…” Full article

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