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Digital trade: The market is ready for online potato auction, Dutch trader says

As a potato trader, Jan Anco Wijk is missing a digital platform in the potato trade. This led to Dutch Seed Potatoes 5 years ago, a platform for seed potatoes. He has now developed this concept further into the trade platform “The auction has been a proven concept over the years, in which the market can do its job. We want to bring together sellers and traders at this trade site, which is unique for the potato trade. I notice that that market is more ripe for this now than it was five years ago. Everyone increasingly realise that trade is heading towards digital.” Jan Anco spoke about his plans with Addy Meerlo, veteran of the transport world, who was instantly enthusiastic. As an extra service, Addy organises the necessary transport, as soon as a deal is made on the potato auction. Read more

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