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Sustainability: Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) technology helps potato processors to cut down on water usage

The Pulsemaster Pulsed Electric Field PEF technology and equipment used in potato processing plants, are said to improve food quality and food safety, optimise process efficiency, and reduce energy costs. In a Vimeo video – – viewers will notice how Pulsemaster’s Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) Conditioner is used in practice for the production of frozen french fries without a pre-heater. This is accomplished with an input capacity of 132,000 lbs/hr (60 tonnes per hour). The PEF treatment unit has a very small environmental footprint and the actual PEF treatment is almost instant and done within one second, without increasing the temperature of the potatoes.

A potato processor who implemented PEF technology in his facility was quoted in a recent Sustainability Report about the technology, saying that “the implementation of PEF has enabled us to save eight percent of our fresh water usage, or 70 million liters per year. Which is the equivalent of roughly 28 Olympic sized swimming pools. This technology is called Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) and replaces the traditional ‘pre-heating’ of potatoes. This means we can better prepare the potatoes to be cut efficiently into french fries. The result is that less starch is lost during cutting and less waste is generated during processing.”

According to Mark de Boevere, Managing Director of Pulsemaster, based in the Netherlands, “the use of our technology in a processing facility producing up to 60 tonnes per hour further demonstrates the scope of applications for the PEF-technology, including for high industrial capacity potato processing lines and in my view it sets a new standard in the processing of french fries”.

More information about the Pulsemaster PEF technology at:

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