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Your potato crop’s nutritional status: Remove the guesswork

Image result for toppotato newsletterIn sporting events, there’s an old saying “it’s hard to know the players without a scorecard.” That’s also true with growing a potato crop. Your crop’s nutritional status is dynamic and requires constant monitoring to ensure the production of high yielding, high quality potatoes that are demanded in today’s market. Many misapplications occur every season when crop advisors and farmers look at a plant that is off-colored or stunted and say “I think the problem MIGHT BE…” A nutrition program based on critical growth stages of your potato crop is a good start; however, every season is different and latent deficiencies that are misdiagnosed can cause economic loss despite our best efforts. Finally, waiting until we see a nutritional deficiency in a crop is a reactive approach where yield and quality have already been compromised during a time of “Hidden Hunger”. Hidden Hunger occurs when an essential crop nutrient is deficient or trending to be deficient causing yield and quality losses before visible symptoms occur. Read the full article in toppotato – a regular newsletter published by Yara North America.

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