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Media nonsense exposed: AHDB Potatoes busting myths on potatoes and health in mainstream media

Related imageAHDB Potatoes in the UK recently produced a document outlining the truth on the nutritional benefits of the potato. The aim was to ‘cut through the noise’ and ‘bust the myths’ on potatoes and health that appear in the mainstream media. Everything in the document is scientifcally proven, by sources such as nutrition bible McCance and Widdowson’s the Composition of Foods​, and Public Health England. AHDB Potatoes also created a bank of Twitter and Facebook graphics. Download the guide and graphics here, and promote the potato using statements approved by the EU, and Public Health England. Despite the simple truth about the health benefits of potatoes, consumers often feel confused about nutrition based on conflicting messages in the mainstream media. Much of this stems from the practice of taking isolated facts, out of context, to produce an attention grabbing headline. In June 2018, AHDB Potatoes made a statement on behalf of the industry, after a  misleading article in the Daily Mail. Read the full statement here. Confusion, when it comes to potatoes, often arises over the treatment of carbohydrates. An extract from the June 2018 statement addresses this… Read more

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