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Sneaking in: Nanotechnology shown to increase penetration rate of nutrients into plants

Figure 1An innovative technology developed at the Technion, (Israel Institute of Technology, and Israel’s first university) could lead to significant increases in agricultural yields. Using a nanometric transport platform on plants that was previously utilized for targeted drug delivery, researchers increased the penetration rate of nutrients into the plants, from 1 percent to approximately 33 percent. The findings were recently published in Scientific Reports and are scheduled to be presented in Nature Press. Use of nanotechnology for targeted drug delivery is a new approach, and is the focus of the research activity being conducted at the Laboratory for Targeted Drug Delivery and Personalized Medicine Technologies at the Wolfson Faculty of Chemical Engineering. The present research, which repurposed the technology for agricultural use, was performed by the laboratory director, Assistant Professor Avi Schroeder, and graduate student, Avishai Karny. According to Schroeder, “the present work provides a new means of delivering essential nutrients without harming the environment.” Read more. View full research paper

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