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Potato virus Y: Reasons why potato growers should pay attention to this serious disease

Related imagePotato virus Y (PVY) is one of the most common problems in potato fields, but can be hard to detect and some people do not recognize it when they see it. With plenty of other things to worry about, some growers may not consider PVY a serious threat and have not learned to recognize the symptoms. But this attitude is changing as more potato crops are impacted by the virus. PVY has been around a long time but only recently has become a serious problem for potato growers in North America. There are some reasons for this, according to American Vegetable Grower magazine columnist, Carrie Wohleb. She is Associate Professor/Regional Specialist – Potato, Vegetable, and Seed Crops, at Washington State University. In an article published last week, Wohleb discusses a range of important issues regarding PVY, including how growers and consultants can identify the presence of the disease in a timely fashion when scouting potato fields. Read the article

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