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Potato prices in Ireland ‘set to soar’ as yields face up to 50% drop

Potato prices ‘set to soar’ – as yields face up to 50% dropThe price of potatoes “will be significantly higher this year” according to the Country Crest co-founder, Michael Hoey. Speaking to AgriLand, Hoey explained that as a result of the difficult year  – which has led to the potato crop performing poorly – he believes “potatoes will go over the €500/box mark”. According to the IFA’s (Irish Farmers’ Association’s) Domestic Potato Market Report from Tuesday, July 10, a box of Rooster potatoes is currently costing €260/box on average. Although yields will be down drastically on last year, Hoey outlined: “High prices are not ideal because when the price of potatoes is high the customer just goes and buys something else. You get a big turning-off effect.” Philip Meade jnr, who is the commercial director for potatoes at Meade Potato Company, explained that two weeks of rain would be needed to secure the crops’ full water demand. Meade says “conditions like this have not been seen since 1976”. Read more

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