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Pesticide ban looming in the EU: Will diquat, thiram and pymetrozine be lost early 2019?

Image result for potato pesticide banAccording to a news item published by the National Farmers Union (NFU) in the UK, the pesticides diquat, thiram and pymetrozine look set to be lost as a vote on pesticides legislation in a Brussel’s Appeal Committee last week delivered a ‘no opinion’ position. Dr Chris Hartfield, NFU Senior Regulatory Affairs Adviser, said: “It is expected that within the next few weeks the EU will officially publish the regulations banning these actives. …these actives would be banned from use very early in 2019.” According to Dr Harfield, this decision will have significant implications for potato production in the UK. Diquat is much more effective than other available alternatives. Pymetrozine is an important insecticide which is used by most seed potato growers and in ware crops. With the ban on neonicotinoids, the loss of this insecticide will have a significant impact on resistance management in these crops. Read more

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