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‘When it comes to soil testing, we’ve only scratched the surface’

soil testingRemi Schmaltz is CEO of Decisive Farming, a Canadian software program for farms offering precision agronomics, data management, crop marketing, and telematics services. In a recent article published on, Schmaltz writes about soil analysis, where it started, and how it’s changing. “Soil analysis know-how has grown by leaps and bounds,” he writes. “Today, there are all kinds of automated soil sampling systems and some companies have developed their own proprietary sampling systems that is designed to quickly collect high-quality samples using GPS technology and provide precise and efficient measurements. In fact, one Dutch-based manufacturer SoilCares has even created a hand-held device that they claim can analyze soil samples on the spot and wirelessly transmit the data anywhere in the world.” 

Schmalz writes that it’s not just the equipment and technology being used to collect this information that has changed, it’s also the overall approach to soil analysis that is evolving. It has expanded to not only focus on macronutrients, micronutrients, organic matter, and pH levels, but to what else is going on in the soil, especially at a microbial level. Read more

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