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Bug squad on the move: Natural pest control under review in Canada

A research scientist at Agriculture Canada in the province of Prince Edward Island (PEI) on the east coast of Canada is looking for natural ways to deal with pests that cause damage to cabbage, canola and potatoes. Entomologist Christine Noronha has planted multiple plots at the Harrington Research Station this summer. One of Noronha’s key areas of research is how to prevent click beetles and wireworm that are extremely harmful to P.E.I. potato crops. This year, Noronha is combining several methods including a trap she has created called the NELT, or Noronha Elaterid Light Trap. “The adults are attracted to this light, so then they fall into the glass and the glass has a liquid in it with a few drops of dish soap and then they drown,” Noronha said. 

In the next field, the research team has planted buckwheat, which is known to reduce the wireworm population. “So now we’re using a two-pronged approach, trying to get rid of the females from laying their eggs and we’re also trying to kill the resident wireworms that are in the ground,” Noronha said. Read more

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