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Sniff biff: World’s first wireless NPK sensor is state of the art

Image result for Teralytic NPK Soil ProbeSoil analytics company Teralytic has released a limited number of its wireless soil probes to be delivered in time for the 2019 planting season. The Teralytic probe contains 26 sensors, including the world’s first wireless NPK sensor. Probes are available worldwide and can be pre-ordered now through the Teralytic website. “The collection of data in real time allows growers to make more informed decisions regarding fertilization and irrigation,” says Meagan Hynes, Teralytic’s vice president of soil science. “I’m also excited about the potential to use fertility and respiration data to evaluate soil health.” Combining a focus on soil health with artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud technologies, Teralytic aims to reduce inputs and save growers time by diagnosing the soils. “Teralytic’s probe warns farmers of changes in the soils before they become problems,” says Teralytic founder and CEO Steven Ridder. Potato Grower report

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