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Farm24: British farmers tell their stories on social media on August 9

Image result for 24 hours in farming24 Hours in Farming is the British farming industry’s biggest online event. On August 9, everyone involved in the industry have the opportunity to post pictures and videos to highlight the work they are doing – and they can do so on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat). The idea is to show consumers the vast effort and care that it takes to produce the food we all love to eat. The hashtag for this event is #farm24. The organizers say they want to know about as much everyday farm work as possible, but also visits farmers may be hosting, meetings, trips, social gatherings, YFC meetings, even a night out if anyone wants to. Participants should try to include photos and videos in their posts. The aim is for #Farm24 to trend on social media all day on August 9, highlighting the work and care which goes into food production. During the first event in 2017, thousands took part, achieving more than 100 million Twitter reach across the world. More information at Also watch a one minute video on YouTube

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