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US: Water a concern, but Oregon potato crop looking good

Related imageAs potato growers in Oregon prepare for harvest, the Oregon Potato Commission was looking forward to a successful year with a high-quality crop. “The production in Oregon this year is probably going to be similar to what it has been in the past,” said Bill Brewer, the commission’s executive director. “We’ve got a little bit of a shift where the production is taking place.” Part of that shift is taking place in southern Oregon near the California border, where Brewer said production has decreased slightly. The breakdown for potatoes in Oregon is 13 percent table stock, which is mostly russets with some reds and yellows, 7 percent chip potatoes, and the rest being processed russets or russet types. Brewer said the Tri-State development program, in conjunction with Idaho and Washington, is seeing some new russet varieties that could be released soon. “Our international markets are extremely important, and this year Oregon, Washington and Idaho have been approved to re-open the Korean table stock market,” Brewer said. In regard to challenges, Brewer said the biggest issue facing Oregon involves water. Read report by The Packer

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