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The drought issue: Earth is ‘1C away from Hothouse State that threatens the future of humanity’

Scientists have said the planet will reach a "Hothouse" state if global temperatures reach 2C above pre-industrial levelsThe Earth’s global temperature is 1C away from a climatic tipping point that threatens the future of humanity, scientists have warned. Experts added that the planet is just decades away from the event that would trigger runaway global warming. The threshold will be reached when average global temperatures are only around 2C higher than they were in pre-industrial times, research suggests. The findings show that the Earth’s temperature is already half way there. If the tipping point is reached it would create a “Hothouse Earth” state of uncontrollable climate change. 

The event would pose “severe risks for health, economies, political stability, and ultimately, the habitability of the planet for humans”, international scientists wrote in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 

Dr Phil Williamson, a climate researcher from the University of East Anglia, said: “In the context of the summer of 2018, this is definitely not a case of crying wolf, raising a false alarm. The wolves are now in sight.” Read Sky New report

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