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‘Fertitato’: Fertilizer company Yara assisting potato growers with knowledge and new products

Related imageNorwegian based international fertilizer giant Yara has extensive crop knowledge created from more than 100 years of research and development in more than 150 countries around the world. The company has recently developed a working guide for
producers on the nutritional needs of the potato crop in eastern Canada. Potatoes require 17 different nutrients, each playing a unique role in plant nutrition. “While the research is conducted worldwide, the company also works with agronomists at the local level to ensure producers at the farm gate are getting the products they need,” says  Emmerson McMillan, a YaraVita Specialist, Crop Solutions, who is working with potato growers in Ontario and Prince Edward Island in eastern Canada. 

“Over the past 100 years, Yara has accumulated unrivalled knowledge in crop nutrition. Our research centers have conducted thousands of trials and collected over a million soil and plant leaf analyses to deepen our understanding of every type of farming environment, soil context and type of crop. We now have proven solutions that deliver results for farmers.”

McMillan said Yara is constantly doing research around the world to improve its products and develop new ones, adding “the company’s slogan is ‘knowledge grows’ and it is something every employee lives by, every day.” Read more on Yara’s work with potato growers in eastern Canada

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