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Heat wave in North America: Podcast on ‘keeping your potatoes happy and healthy during the summer heat’

Image result for yara toppotato north americaFertilizer company Yara North America recently launched a podcast initiative to provide growers with updated agronomic advice, production and market insights, and more. In the latest podcast, specialists from Yara discuss how the potato crop is dealing with the current heat wave experienced in North America at this time. In this podcast, Jimmy Ridgeway, Crop Nutrition Solution Brand Manager of Yara’s Toppotato is joined by Steve Petrie, director of agronomic services at Yara in North America, and Shawn McIver, regional sales manager for Atlantic Canada to discuss heat stress and how growers can possibly mitigate that. 

The participants point out that there are a number of adverse effects on the potato crop due to heat stress, also as it concerns higher than ideal tuber pulp temperatures, since it is not only the leaves that get hotter during a heat wave, but the tubers also experience warmer temperatures than what they are usually exposed to. This results in increased physiological ageing, which in turn make the tubers more susceptible to a range of defects, such as internal brown spot, internal brown center and hollow heart. Go here to listen to the full podcast

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