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‘Potatoes less exposed to Brexit risks than many other sectors’

Field of potatoes, potato blightBrexit may provide British potato farmers with an opportunity to substitute imports if trade barriers are imposed by Brussels. As a result, it means the sector could be less exposed than others in the industry. That is the message from David Swales, head of strategic insight at the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), who spoke at ‘Potatoes in Practice’ in Dundee on Thursday, August 9. “Tariff-free access is critical for most sectors, but for potatoes, barriers might present opportunities for import substitution – particularly in the processing sector,” he said. As he addressed a predominantly Scottish audience, Swales said: “That for the potato industry north of the border, trade barriers may translate into a larger domestic market for seed producers.” In an attempt to ensure a smooth transition into life after Brexit, AHDB has launched a new online calculator. The Brexit Impact Calculator allows individuals to input their own data and see what effects the different Brexit scenarios might have on their business. Read more

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