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Potato industry in Bavaria expecting only ‘slightly below-average harvest’

While the catastrophic climatic conditions in northern Germany are becoming increasingly clear, potato growers and marketers in southern Germany expect only a slightly below-average harvest. In Bavaria in particular there were only occasional weather extremes in recent weeks, which is why crop development was not significantly affected. Current producer prices are quite satisfactory (€18-20 per 100 kg) and, since the local industry is increasingly focusing on exports, there are also interesting sales markets beyond its borders. “Due to the weather so far, we expect a normal harvest within our production area of Neuburg-Schrobenhausen,” says Johann Schmidt, owner of the potato wholesaler of the same name based in Upper Bavaria. 

Until about 14 days ago there was regular rainfall, mostly cool nights, as well as temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees during the day. The export market is increasingly gaining in importance as more and more producers and traders specialize in supplying foreign markets. This year, there are some interesting markets outside the country’s borders as well, says Schmidt. Read more

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