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Belgian retailer expands direct partnership with potato farmers

Since 18 September, Colruyt and OKay customers were able to find potatoes that resulted from a close partnership between the Colruyt Group and 16 local farmers. This concerns 5kg bags of Boni Selection Friet (Fries) and Everyday Zachtkokend (Soft-boiling) potatoes. This is the culmination of a trial project that was set up last year. It aimed to achieve a consistent level of quality and to guarantee a stable price for the growers. Participants also extend the Belgian potato season with a month.

The Colruyt Group is the first Belgian distributor to set up a partnership of this kind with local potato farmers. Earlier, these growers hardly ever came into direct contact with the supermarket chains. This successful trial showed that a beneficial relationship based on trust had been built between the various partners. Read more

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