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Australia’s Nuffield Scholar to explore the global potato fresh cut industry

Potatoes have always been part of life for Wickham Farms managing director, Kerri-Ann Lamb, who is endeavouring to further her knowledge of the industry with her 2019 Nufflied Scholarship. Mrs Lamb is part of the third generation to run Wickham Farms. Wickham Farms produce around 11,000 tonnes of potatoes every year. “We produce about 6000 tonnes for retail and just under 5000 tonnes for fresh cut as well,” she said.

Countries that are leading the way in the potato industry will be at the top of Mrs Lamb’s itinerary as part of the Nuffield Scolarship. “I’m looking at countries that are in the potato space. So I’ll be looking at Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Sweden, Germany, the US and Canada and New Zealand,” she said. “Countries that are really progressive in their food service and food manufacturing, and also have that diverse growers, and established food manufacturer supply chains. They are way ahead of us in that space, especially with potatoes.”

Mrs Lamb said she is also interested to see how other countries are marketing the nutritional value of potatoes.

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