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Clampdown on food waste: Tesco to remove ‘Best Before’ dates on more fresh produce

Potatoes were on the list when Tesco announced in May of this year to  remove “best before” dates from almost 70 fruit and vegetable products in an effort to reduce the amount of usable food being thrown away. Now the supermarket is set to remove the labels on a further 116 items of produce – including own-brand apples, oranges, cabbages and asparagus.

The move is being made to help prevent perfectly edible food from being thrown away. It follows a recently-announced initiative, run by the charities Wrap and IGD, which aims to have 50% of the UK’s largest 250 food businesses measuring, reporting and acting on food waste by 2019. It is working towards milestones to help halve UK food waste by 2030.

Full article on FarmingUK

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