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Ireland: ‘Trying year’ for potatoes with supply predictions ‘on knife-edge’

Reduced areas planted and reduced yields have led to what look like tightened supplies of potatoes this year – though it is too early to call for sure, according to Teagasc tillage crop and potato specialist Shay Phelan. Phelan was discussing how 2018 has been for potato growers with presenter Claire Mc Cormack on tonight’s episode of FarmLand.

The Teagasc specialist highlighted that Irish supplies are “on a knife-edge” at present, as the main harvest gets underway, with about 25% of the crops harvested so far – some three weeks later than normal.

Outlining issues on this year’s harvest, Phelan said: “The concerns are, to start off with, we’re about 1,000ha less in terms of area planted this year than we would have been last year, and we had plenty of supply in 2017.

“But the reduced area and reduced yields that we’re likely to experience – although we’re not fully sure what way yields are going to turn out just yet – the likelihood is that supplies will be tight.

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