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Two potato farmers create UK’s first compostable crisp packet

Two Farmers, a new UK-based crisp brand, aims to redefine the snack sector with the launch of its artisan range of crisps in 100% compostable packaging. Potato farmers Sean Mason and Mark Green, from Herefordshire, have beaten the 2025 deadline for compostable packets set by potato snack giant Walkers, who recently faced a backlash over its non-recyclable packaging.

The packets are made from cellulose and sustainably grown eucalyptus trees, meaning they can return to nature in the space of half a year. The packets can break down in six months in a ‘home composting environment’ and are also sold in recyclable tins, the founders said.

The Two Farmers brand is the brainchild of Herefordshire potato farmers and friends Mark Green and Sean Mason, who decided to develop their own range of hand-cooked crisps that celebrates local ingredients whilst causing minimal impact to the environment, with a 100% compostable packet.

Two Farmers co-founder Mr Mason said on the firm’s website that ‘a potato merchant inspired him to protect the countryside around him’. Mr Green said he is a ‘second-generation farmer’ who ‘wanted to produce something that would firmly cement Herefordshire on the foodie map’.

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