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New faces at Potatoes New Zealand

Potatoes New Zealand is the official organization representing potato growers’ interests in that country. Chris Claridge functions as Chief Executive of the organization. Earlier this year, he announced that two new staff members joined Potatoes New Zealand: Iain Kirkwood and Gemma Carroll.

Iain Kirkwood has a strong career background in potatoes having spent over 30 years in the industry working within a variety of sectors including R+D, R+D management, biosecurity, seed certification, plant pathology, nuclear seed production, commercial and seed potato production / agronomy and business development. Iain has extensive experience of the global potato industry having worked and consulted in many countries around the world including China, Thailand, India, the US, the UK, Indonesia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada. He can be reached at

Gemma Carroll is Communications & Engagement Officer at Potatoes NZ. She comes with a wealth of communications experience and skills. She has proven her worth in endeavours in professional theatre, television, teaching and coaching; as a writer, director, producer, actor and presenter. Gemma ran her own business in wellness and has taught widely in Yoga, meditation and personal coaching. She has written scripts, art reviews and columns in print media. Gemma is passionate about health, food, horticulture and agriculture. She traces her genealogy back to her Irish ancestors who started life in New Zealand as potato farmers on the mid 1800’s. She can be reached at

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