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British crisp and chip prices going up due to potato crop shortage

A SHORTAGE of potatoes across Europe is pushing up the cost of crisps and chips for British shoppers. The low supply has affected supermarkets, which are cutting back on discounts on multi-packs to make sure they don’t run out of stock.

Between July to November this year, there were 78 per cent fewer deals on large multi-packs of crisps compared to same period last year, according to The Grocer. The average prices of frozen potatoes in supermarkets have also increased by 8p to £1.88 in the three months to September.

The whole of Europe, apart from Portugal and Greece, is having similar issues, meaning it’ll also be harder for snacks makers to import the potatoes from elsewhere, says the Potato Processors’ Association (PPA).

The volume of the bags of crisps will stay the same, although shoppers may find that the size of each crisp is smaller than usual, Andrew Curtis, director general of the PPA, told The Sun.

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