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An app to smartly identify plant pests and diseases

Modern technology put to practical use for potato growers: A smartphone app (now also available online) developed by The James Hutton Institute in Scotland can help with disease identification in the field.

Identifying potato diseases can be complex and difficult, as most potato growers and even experienced agronomists know very well. Enters a smartphone application developed in Scotland to ease the identification of potato diseases in the field – and it is aptly named “Buntata” – the Gaelic word for potato.

An article on Buntata and its uses and applications can be found on p.13 of the recently published launch issue of the new print magazine Global Potato News. More information is available from Sebastian Raubach at The James Hutton Institute who is involved in the technical development of the app: The app is replicated on the web – please visit this online page and select an option of your choice.

Lukie Pieterse, Editor & Publisher

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