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So, what’s for supper tonight?

“June 6th 2018, fifteen years on from Atkins, 8.00 pm. Baked potato, butter and
beans at the ready I sit down to watch The Truth About Carbs on the BBC, yes
the BBC – the bastion of balanced journalism!”

Says Rob Clayton, Strategy Director with AHDB Potatoes in the UK: “What followed was a hair-raising hour of Keto diets, unfathomable equations about starch and sugar conversion, lots of tape measures around alarming waistlines and a good dose of pseudo-science. All fronted by the handsomest of doctors with a book to sell. Blood already boiling having seen The Sun, yes The Sun, the bastion of sensational tabloid, run an image of a baker next to a stack of sugar cubes, 19 in all. A quick check on Twitter and the jury is out – battle over for the day…”

Read about the rest of Rob’s experience in an article published on p16 of the launch issue of the new Global Potato News magazine…

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