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The future of late blight control: A research vision

In a recent interview with the Global Potato News magazine, Prof Francine Govers at the Laboratory of Phytopathology at Wageningen University in the Netherlands says she believes it is essential to approach the problem of late blight control in the future from a number of different perspectives. Integrated disease control at all levels is the way to go, she says.

Prof Govers told Global Potato News that she believes “Phytophthora infestans will no doubt remain a nuisance for potato growers worldwide in future, and I can’t see that it will ever be completely eradicated as an important pathogen. Resistance breeding is one important pillar of integrated control. I foresee that more and more resistant varieties will become available and this will be made possible by technological advances.

Prof Govers also spoke of the role of resistance genes, the role of resistance genes and also a certain measure of societal awareness in the continued efforts to stay on top of the threat that late blight causes for potato growers around the world.

The full interview with Prof Govers can be found in an article published in the launch issue of the Global Potato News magazine. Prof Francine Govers can be reached for more information at

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