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And soon, coming to McDonald’s in Japan: An Idaho burger…

There’s an Idaho Burger coming to McDonald’s… McDonald’s of Japan announced that it is releasing a pair of “USA-inspired burgers” as part of an American Deluxe series, according to lifestyle/fashion website Highsnobiety. A trip to a Google-translated version of the Japanese McDonald’s site reveals a Texas Burger 2018 and an Idaho Burger 2018.

What delicacies does the Idaho Burger contain? Well, it’s basically a bacon burger with cheese sauce, onions, a black pepper/garlic sauce and, of course, a hashbrown in honor of Idaho. There’s a breakfast version of the sandwich as well, where the burger patty is subbed out for sausage.

Google Translate, with its well-known history of imperfect translations, describes it as such: “To 100% beef patty which is superb, juicy and exquisite, thick with 100% beef patty, crispy outside, potato patty in the hokuhoku texture, 2 juicy bacon grilled with shops and shakiaki onion, with richness. We combined the cheddar cheese and sandwiched it with a savory tinted bun.”

It gets better…

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