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HZPC’s Potato Woman of the Year calls potatoes ‘the largest vitamin pills in the world’

Potato company HZPC has named Dr. Marie Rasochová (80) from the Czech Republic as its Potato Woman of the Year 2018. Marie Rasochová is a renowned promotor of potatoes in the Czech Republic. She is well known for promoting potatoes as the largest vitamin pills in the world.

She spreads her message on radio, television programmes, in magazine articles, newspaper stories and during road shows.

Marie Rasochová been active in the scientific world and later on started a business career. Rasochová has been educated at the Agricultural University in Prague, specializing in genetics and plant breeding.

She started her career at the Potato Research Institute in the Czech Republic and later on became Chief of the UKZUZ, the Central Control and Testing Agricultural Institute. Later she returned to the Potato Research Institute as Director of Genetics and Breeding. Several research publications carry her name. She is well known in the potato research world.

In 1994, Rasochová founded the company Medipo AGRAS H.B., focussing on the introduction of new potato varieties. She organised several trips to the Netherlands to meet Dutch breeders and evaluate Dutch varieties. Today Medipo it is the largest company in its field in the Czech Republic and an important partner of potato growers.

Since 2010 HZPC has selected a Potato Man or Woman of the year annually as an honourable recognition for someone who contributed a lot to the potato world commercially, technically or innovatively.

Source: HZPC


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