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Dear potato friends: I’ve received a number of requests over the past little while from readers of Potato News Today who suggested to me that we publish photos/images of potato farms, potato operations of different kinds, potato businesses and so on and so forth in different countries here on the site.

Given the fact that our global world is rapidly “shrinking” in this day and age, it is almost logical that people are keen to learn and see more about what happens in real life in the potato industry in countries other than their own – countries often times thousands of miles away.

My request then is for any of you folks to consider sending along a few photos that depict what you are doing on your potato farm, or your import/export business, or your potato packing facility, or your research station, or your breeding facility (hobby breeders also!), or teaching kids about potatoes at a school – wherever you are in located in the world, and in whatever way you might be spending your day or part of your day dealing with potatoes. I can assure you that most of the hundreds of folks who visit Potato News Today each and every day of the week will be interested to have a peek!

We would no doubt love to hear from farmers in any and all countries of course, but also from any of you folks out there who are involved with potatoes in any shape or form…

If you can send me your pictures (at least 2 please) in a format such as jpg or png that will be great, thank you. I will create a special section here on Potato News Today in the coming days where the pictures will be posted and others can view it.

Please remember to send me a short one or two line explanation for each picture (or a group of pictures) as well, so that we can explain the context of the pictures to others who will view it on the site. And remember to send us pictures also of the people and not only of the potatoes, please!

I look forward to hear from you folks then! Feel free to email me at or And remember to encourage friends and neighbours to do the same, please! Let’s together create a nice potato picture gallery here on Potato News Today that all visitors can enjoy! Have a peek at our first contribution about a potato operation in Saudi Arabia… We also feature some great heritage potato variety photos cultivated in Ireland on this page.


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