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German potato prices slowly rising

Due to the persistent droughts this summer, many areas in Germany suffered extreme losses. The traders are now also feeling the pain, because due to the ever rising wholesale prices, growers are still waiting to sell and are not ready to bring their goods on the market. The result: full warehouses and a stable, but quiet market, according to a survey.

At the moment, the potato market is particularly quiet and restrained, says Hans-Joachim Poppe, owner of the potato wholesaler of the same name in the heart of the Lower Saxony potato steppes.

”Due to the summer heat and corresponding losses of up to 30 percent, currently the price levels are very high. The growers have brought their yields in a beautiful and clean condition into storage. Because of the quiet market and the stable, high prices, growers are still waiting and are not ready to deliver their goods at lower prices. Accordingly, as a trader I am having problems.”

Among other things, the Lower Saxon wholesaler generally exports the Belanda and Bernina varieties to Austria and Italy.

”Our goods are too expensive compared to the tubers there. The goods from Bavaria and Austria are much cheaper, unfortunately. With regard to Bavaria, our producer prices are 0.05 euros above the local kilo price. The only thing I can do is wait until prices go down and then I can be competitive again. In my view, the ceiling is slowly being reached and I expect the market to pick up somewhat from early December until Christmas.”

In Bavaria, the situation on today’s potato market is confirmed. “Farmers are currently reluctant to sell because they believe prices will continue to rise. At the same time, the current demand is limited, at least here in the Bavarian region,” says a local wholesaler.

The summer heat did not affect this year’s yield in the south to the extent it did on the northern potato areas. But there are the weather-related quality problems or blemishes in the wares: ”The tubers are already germinating and have pressure points, i.e. their quality now is already as it usually is in February.”

Nevertheless, people assume that in Bavaria there will be enough potatoes until the new crop arrives.

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