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Refrigeration company presents ‘mechanical refrigeration’ of potato storage facilities

For a long time, the agricultural sector depended on outside air for drying and cooling crops. Due to climate changes, arable farmers are no longer able to get their products through the winter without compromising on quality.

ENGIE Refrigeration says it has developed a storage system with entirely mechanical refrigeration, which allows maintaining the same storage conditions throughout the year. An innovate manner of entirely mechanical refrigeration within a closed environment.

The result? A longer storage life, less than 3% dehydration and substantially lower energy costs, according to Engie. This innovative refrigeration system is said to be entirely mechanical and integrated, and is used in a closed environment. The minimum percentage of outside air used, is used to monitor the CO2 value within the storage location.

The system monitors the air quality in the storage location and adjusts the cooling capacity to the cooling demand during the storage process.

During each stage – refrigeration, wound healing, storage and heating up – of the product process, the system will select an optimal storage programme with the adequate humidity and temperature.

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