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Potatoes down under? Yes!

Look nowhere else than New Zealand to find them spuds down under! The potato industry in NZ is valued at $982 million per annum, says Gemma Carroll, Communications and Engagement Officer at Potatoes New Zealand. Gemma says that processed products make up 65% of that value.

NZ has a growing export market, primarily to neighbouring countries in the Pacific, including Fiji & Australia. There are close to 200 commercial growers in our small country.

Primary farming areas are Canterbury, Manawatu, Pukekohe and Northland. Varieties include Russet Burbank, Innovator, Agria, Red King, Desiree, Rocket, Jersey Benne and many more.

Potatoes NZ has a niche group of Māori Potatoes – varieties cultivated originally by the indigenous people of NZ (Māori) and sought after by consumers in farmers markets, the home gardener and potato connoisseurs, for their colourful flesh and as heritage varieties, the flavours can be quite unique. Nutty, buttery or floury textured.

Also you can find heaps of info on the Potatoes NZ website of course:

Gemma Carroll can be reached at for more information about potatoes in New Zealand.

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