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Global potato promotion campaign launched in Europe

The global potato promotion campaign “Imagine a world without potatoes” was launched at the Interpom Primeurs event that is taking place in Belgium this week.

The campaign, spearheaded and coordinated by the International Potato Center (CIP), based in Lima, Peru, is an effort supported by a host of international companies to promote the potato and its nutritional benefits and versatility as a food source among consumers around the world.

Imagine2Marc de Beaufort is leading CIP’s effort to make the campaign known to interest groups around the globe. He is travelling all around the world to convince organisations, companies and governments to contribute to the project’s success. Numerous multinational companies from the entire potato chain have already pledged their cooperation.

By participating in events such as Interpom Primeurs, de Beaufort wants to convince both big and small companies in the potato sector to participate. These companies are experts with regard to communication. By establishing a link to the CIP campaign, they can not only promote their products or services, but also increase the worldwide awareness of the entire potato chain.

Belgapom and Interpom Primeurs have thrown their weight behind the campaign, which in the meantime has also won the support of the European Federation, Europatat, and the World Potato Congress.

More information on the global campaign can be found on this dedicated website:

Belgapom published an informative brochure – view it as a pdf file: Belgapom_Brochure_imagine a world without potatoes

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