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New “barefaced” potato chips with zero salt and customizable seasonings hit Japanese shelves

Ever wished you could get a little less flavor on your chip? Wish no more; now you can experience them as nature intended, lightly fried in oil.

Koikeya, a renowned snack company in Japan, is now bringing their new “Barefaced Potato” product to Lawson stores across Japan. Reportedly, Koikeya received many comments from consumers about how they wish they could adjust the salt level on the chips to their liking, or make their own special choices for what flavours/seasonings are added to the chips.

Japanese bareface chips2The product that Koikeya now markets is cut and lightly seasoned in oil, and then fried – nothing else. No salts, no sugars, no seasonings. Customers are then presented with a choice of seasonings from which they can choose if they wish to flavour the chips, or enjoy it without any seasoning.

In 2015 Koikeya produced a new line of “breakfast chips“, saying they wanted potato chips to become a 4th main breakfast staple, along with rice, bread and granola. They marketed peach and banana chips at the time.

Report by SoraNews24

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