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Potandon Produce positions itself as ‘the Healthy Potato Company’

The home page of the Potandon Produce LLC website now sports the trademarked slogan, “We are The Healthy Potato Company.”

It is not just an idle boast. According to Carter Bray, director of product marketing and development for Idaho Falls, ID-based Potandon, the company rolled out its new corporate positioning as the Healthy Potato Company a year ago and with that also introduced a new proprietary low-carbohydrate potato variety branded CarbSmart with 27 percent fewer carbohydrates per serving than standard potatoes and 55 percent fewer than rice or pasta.

Potatoes in general are “extremely healthy for you,” said Glen Reynolds, vice president of business development for Potandon. In particular, traditional potatoes are an excellent choice for active people who are looking for a performance diet. “They truly are.”

However, there are many people who are looking to reduce the amount of carbohydrates they consume in their diets and who feel they need to reduce their potato consumption or even cut potatoes out of their diet altogether. That is unfortunate, because they miss out on all of the other nutritional benefits of potatoes.

CarbSmart is “a healthy alternative to a regular potato when consumers are concerned about carbs,” he said. “It is a high-flavor product. It has a gold flesh and gold skin, and it is a great eating experience. It gives consumers who are concerned about carbs and have eliminated potatoes from their diet an opportunity to add potatoes back into the diet.”

There is more to come.

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