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US: Northwest potato growers confident market will lift in spring

With harvest having concluded two to three months ago, potato growers in the Northwest are reporting good supplies as the end of the year approaches. They say yield was close to the average this season with decent growing conditions for the most part.

“Potatoes in Idaho are generally in good supply,” shared Kevin Stanger of Wada Farms. “Our primary crop are Russets – both Norkota and Burbanks, but we also grow reds, yellows, and quite a number of colored varieties. Because they don’t store as well, we should finish with colored potatoes by spring, while Russets will go through the summer until new crop mid-August.”

Since the start of the season, the US potato market has been rather stagnant, gaining little headway. But growers are confident that the market will steadily improve as the season continues on. Several regions have had a challenging growing season, which has yet to become apparent in the market.

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