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North Western European potato crop down 18%, says industry group

The total harvest estimate in the five NEPG countries has now been established at 24.3 million tonnes. These countries are Germany, Belgium, France, Great Britain and the Netherlands.  .

The expected final harvest is 18% lower than last season and nearly 8% lower than the five-year average, says the North Western European Potato Growers organization (NEPG) .

The most important cause for the lower harvest is said to be the lower yield per hectare due to adverse weather during the growing season, despite the fact that the planted area for consumption potatoes in NEPG countries grew slightly by one per cent.

This week, the UK published its estimated harvest: 4.2 million tonnes. This is their lowest harvest since 2012. Last week, France published adjusted figures of 5.8 million consumption potatoes in total. 

The total yield per hectare decreased by 15 per cent in the UK compared to last season, to 41.7 tonnes per hectare. Risky batches are also processed early here, which detracts from the regular supply pattern.

As expected, recent stock determinations on the mainland also indicate much lower available stocks compared to recent years. The majority of problem batches as a result of sprouting has already been processed early, so that good contract potatoes that would have been supplied in November and December have been delayed until the new year.

The NEPG expects that the high and firm market level will last into the new year. The newly offered contracts of processors also reflect the actual situation, and according to the NEPG, these will be offered at a higher and more realistic level.

Read the NEPG press release as a pdf file

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