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Potatoes found to be most popular ingredient in Christmas dinners

Roast potatoes are the most universal ingredient in an ideal Christmas dinner, with 85% wanting them on their plate, according to research by YouGov in the UK.

Christmas dinner is undoubtedly one of the best features of Christmas day. Essentially a Sunday roast on steroids, the feast sees the family gather for crackers, arguments and alcohol, before sending everyone into a food coma for the afternoon.

But what is the best bit of a Christmas dinner?

New YouGov research finds that it’s not the turkey, despite being the traditional centrepiece of the meal since the 16th or 17th century. Just 52% of people would have it as the main meat on their ideal Christmas dinner.

Looking at the trimmings it becomes clear what the most important component of a Christmas dinner really is: the humble roast potato. Fully 85% of people say that their ideal Christmas dinner would contain roast potatoes.

Read the full report and find a link to the research results

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