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Photo gallery: The warm heartbeat of a family run potato farm on Prince Edward Island

Morgan Smallman owns and operates a family farming operation that specializes in the production of potatoes on Prince Edward Island in Canada.

The Smallman operation is typical of the traditional family farm where several generations of a particular family are not only playing an active role in the day to day management of business, but where the youngest generation is brought up with a sense of pride and love for the operation.

In the series of pictures below it is clear that this is indeed the case on the Smallman farm on Prince Edward Island.

In an era where family farms are rapidly being replaced by giant agribusinesses, it is heartwarming to see that there are still traditionally run family farming operations such as the one run by the Smallman family in Canada.

As small farms vanish from the countryside, with them disappears one of the best environments capable of producing strong, character-driven families. This — building strong character — is the most tragic loss as family farming seems to be dying out real fast, and with it an irreplaceable class of society is sadly being lost as well.

We are grateful to know – and see – that this is clearly not the case at the Smallman potato farming operation in the western end of Prince Edward Island – just view the pictures below…

We wish to thank Morgan Smallman much for sharing these iconic, intimate and heartwarming pictures of his family and his farm with our readers across the world. Kind wishes to all members of your family, Morgan…
Morgan can be reached at

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