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Grimme’s ‘smart’ technology on show at LAMMA event

An uncertain Brexit has presented the British agricultural industry with fresh challenges. In order to gain a competitive advantage, working ‘smarter’ will be the key for businesses after Brexit.

Grimme is harnessing the opportunities that the LAMMA show on January 8 and 9, 2019 presents, and the company will be using it to showcase some of the exciting advances Grimme has developed within it’s ‘smart’ technology drive. These advances include Clever Planting and the myGRIMME portal.

Clever Planting enables growers to maximise their yields without increasing their acreage. This a bold claim from GRIMME but it is backed up by solid evidence.

This evidence demonstrates lower inputs, reduced harvesting losses and improved crop quality. These benefits are thanks to an ISystems package that also includes Section Control, Visual Protect and touch screen CCI units.

Using GPS data, the density and volume of seed passing through the planter elements are automatically controlled with programmed shut-off in the spraying tracks.

The GB430 benefits from the full range of iSystem applications, although some are also available on GB 215 / 330 models. 

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More details on LAMMA here

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