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Potatoes perform in leading athletic publications

As part of the overarching Potatoes Fuel Performance strategy, Potatoes USA partnered with leading publications such as Triathlete, Women’s Running and Competitor Running to inspire and educate Performance Athletes on how and why they should fuel with potatoes to achieve their personal best.

This partnership, which includes online advertising, articles, video content, and email marketing is driven by two key influencers, Dr. Allan Lim and Jessica Cerra, both accomplished cyclists. Dr. Allen Lim is a sports physiologist and coach for elite U.S. cycling teams, as well as the founder of Skratch Labs, a sports nutrition company. Jess Cerra is a professional racing cyclist and exercise physiologist who not only competes at the highest level but also works professionally to create nutritious, high-performance food for athletes.

Both Allen and Jess created a series of videos highlighting potato preparations and preparation inspiration that are currently running across the publications’ sites as well as on social media on Facebook and Instagram.

All articles and videos are accompanied by banners and messaging from the What Are You Eating? campaign that showcases athletes fueling their personal bests with potatoes.


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