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Haith to showcase innovative packing-line machine at LAMMA show

The Haith Group’s representatives will be at the LAMMA 2019 trade show in the UK this week, displaying their latest products and looking forward to discussing future plans with growers and processors visiting the show.

Recent product launches from the company include the new Haith Smart Drier, an innovative packing-line machine that features a bed of heated stainless-steel rollers designed to remove excess moisture from potatoes. Each roller is adjustable independently and can achieve a surface temperature of up to 100ºC. Stainless-steel rollers allow the machine to be completely sanitized, eliminating the risk of bacteria build-up, transfer to the crop, and the potential problems this can produce in storage.

Haith is renowned for its Process Washer systems, and its latest models incorporate the company’s latest technologies to offer customers greater efficiencies and lower running costs.

Haith Process Washers are fitted with high-efficiency motors and a unique shaft sealing system with all bearings mounted externally for extended life and simplified maintenance. These machines also offer Automatic Sludge Removal with the added benefit of considerably reduced water usage. The HMI Control Panel allows adjustment of all functions, with CCTV as a popular option for complete system monitoring.

The Haith Sample Washer is another very interesting product, designed specifically for effectively washing small batches. This machine’s washing barrel is completely rubber pintle lined for gentle, effective cleaning, with an adjustable outfeed door to control wash quality, and an integral tray holding section also as standard equipment. Options include an out-feed basket. 2018 models can be supplied fully painted, or finished in stainless steel.

The Haith Group designs, develops and manufactures complete pack house systems, bulk feeders, inspection and sorting systems, elevators and conveyors. Crop processing, peeling, grading, washing, polishing and box/bag tipping and filling are all Haith specialities, with Waste Water Treatment and AD Feed Systems being other important parts of the company’s product range.

Haith machines can be seen with many major UK producers, while also enjoying considerable success overseas.

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