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Retail potato sales in the US increased to $11.6 billion in 2018

According to Potatoes USA, the value of total store retail potato sales for 2018 increased by 2.1% over 2017, with total value $11.6 billion. The total volume declined 1.9% for the year though, based on IRI figures. Potatoes USA says the increase in value was paced by refrigerated sales up 5.3% and frozen up 4.1%.

The decline in volume was led by fresh down 4.5%, even though the value of fresh sales were still up 1.8%. According to Potatoes USA, it is interesting to note that the year started very strong with both the value and volume of total sales up in Q1, this however led to the largest declines in Q2 with total volume down 4.5%.

The volume decline for fresh was driven almost exclusively by russets, off 7.7%, with reds also down slightly 0.7% and fingerlings down 2% in volume for the year.

Increases were led by medleys up 21.3%, yellows up 5.3%, whites up 4% and purples up 18.9%. The only value declines were reds off -1.9% and fingerlings down -4.6%, with the value of russet sales actually up 0.5%.

Source: Potatoes USA

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